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In which Luhan's Beijing Manager spoke for all of us



this is the full post regarding SM’s statement


This is Luhan’s Beijing Manager.. people say she also manged Victoria from f(x) too for her activities in China

I’ll provide a rough translation to the weibo post (she replied to a post about sm’s response to Luhan’s situation)


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141009 || lay’s weibo update

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Anonymous: But what I want to know is what does Xiumin think of all this?




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A Letter To Fandom



A sincere letter from Chinese Luhan fans to fandom describing their stand.

1. If you’re a Luhan-only fan:

What is a Luhan-only fan. 

Only Luhan.

Luhan is the only one. 

Regarding the contract termination, whether you felt it a long time ago, and agree or somewhat disagree, or you found out just now and you’re shocked and confused. I hope you will understand immediately that this is a decision Luhan made. 

What type of person Luhan is, I believe everyone who follows him understands clearly. Any decision he makes is definitely after careful thought and consideration.

So as Luhan-only fans who only want the best for Luhan, the first thing we have to do is stand beside him and support his decision unconditionally. 

Using our fingers as a shield, using our words as a barricade, we will quickly build strong and sturdy walls for him, protect him against the harsh winds. 

Luhan’s movement, is our direction.

Wherever he is, we will be.

The meaning of Luhan fan family’s existence is to follow him, protect him, see beautiful scenery with him, and be with him during the rain and storm. 

Breathe deeply, I am already prepared.

What about you?

2. If you’re a fan of several members:

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Epic Tales By Tumblr Bloggers

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the level of secondhand embarrassment I feel towards this man…

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sm artists leaving isn’t even sad anymore it’s a celebration like congratulations on your freedom let’s go party

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v’s hearts for armies ft judging members

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